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Stenprop aims to achieve three core outcomes from its business model:

  • Deliver sustainable and growing income distributions to shareholders
  • Reposition the business to focus on the UK MLI space
  • Revolutionise the MLI Space using proprietary technology to deliver higher occupancy and growing income

Our business is supported throughout by strong portfolio management. We have an experienced team, a strict governance approach, a focus on sustainable investment, a clear debt management programme and an active approach to using technology to enhance and streamline the process.

Underpinned by our values:

Customer Focused

Results Oriented




Financial Capital

Ability of our Company to fund its activities at an optimal cost and invest appropriately

Intellectual Capital

Our Company’s ethos and strategy combined with the experience of the senior team is critical to its ability to enhance value and grow the business

Manufactured Capital

Capital expenditure invested in our assets to generate cash flow from property and rental income which will result in capital appreciation management. Growing occupancy and net rent to increase revenue at each estate

Social and Relationship Capital

We recognise that our operations can have significant impacts and we hold the organisation to behave as an exemplary corporate citizen and proactively manage relationships with stakeholders and shareholders during the year

Human Capital

Strategic planning of Stenprop’s future and simultaneous head hunting of key talent to deliver and meet those objectives. To diversify and strengthen the experience, knowledge and skill of our employees and partners to deliver a sustained track record and commitment to our business growth

Natural Capital

We incorporate our sustainability agenda into our wider business goals. We have taken a proactive approach to take steps to use both renewable and non-renewable environmental resources responsibly

Our Business


Very specific set of requirements to acquire

  • Modern purpose-built MLI assets
  • Well located within or close to dense urban conurbations
  • Asset-specific business plan to grow rents over time


  • Recycle non-MLI assets in line with strategy
  • Retain our MLI properties for the long term


  • Reduce gearing in line with strategic goal

Increasing the presence and position of the Industrials platform through strategic digital marketing and operating practices




Active Asset


Serviced Industrial




Sustainable and growing income for Stenprop

Significant diversification by tenant, geography and scale

Creation of long-term customers through strong service provision, brand loyalty and customer feedback

Enhanced income through implementation of flexi-lease product

Developing technology as the backbone of our operating model and driving cost efficiencies across the portfolio

Generation of additional revenue streams through the delivery of services beyond the sale of space

How Stenprop plans to successfully transition to an MLI focus?