Industrials is Stenprop’s UK multi-let industrial operating platform. Visit site

Stenprop aims to achieve three core outcomes from its business model:

  • To deliver sustainable and growing income distributions to shareholders
  • Reposition the business to focus on the UK MLI space
  • Revolutionising the MLI Space to deliver higher occupancy and growing income

Our business

Acquire through careful asset selection

  • Modern purpose-built MLI assets
  • Well located within or close to dense urban conurbations
  • Asset-specific business plan to grow rents over time


  • Recycle non-MLI assets in line with strategy
  • Retain our MLI properties for the long term


  • Reduce gearing in line with strategic goal


Flexi-lease Model


Active Asset Management


Serviced Industrial




Sustainable and growing income for Stenprop

Significant diversification by tenant, geography and scale

Creation of long-term customers through strong service provision and brand loyalty

Enhanced income through implementation of flexi-lease product

Utilising technology to drive cost efficiencies across the portfolio

Generation of additional revenue streams through the delivery of services beyond the sale of space

How Stenprop plans to successfully transition to an MLI focus?