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  • Latest Video

    Operational Update & Covid-19 Response

    Julian Carey presents Operational Update & Covid-19 Response 2020

  • Webinar_2020

    Annual Results YE 2020 Webinar

    Results for year ended 31 March 2020

  • JamesB-2020Video

    Financial Results Review

    James Beaumont presents Financial Results Review 2020

  • PaulA-2020Video

    Year End Review 2020

    Paul Arenson presents Year end review 2020

  • Simon - snap - film.png

    Simon Ross: Portfolio Performance - September 2019

  • Will L - snap - film - 2.png

    Will Lutton: The Investment Market and Our Requirements - September 2019

  • Paul A - snap - film - 2.png

    CEO Paul Arenson: The Changing Nature of Stenprop's Investor Base - September 2019

  • Sarah - snap - film.png

    Sarah Bellilchi: ESG and our Green Credentials - September 2019

  • James W - snap - film.png

    James Wakelin: Debt Finance Strategy As We Transition to MLI - September 2019

  • James B - snap - film - 2.png

    CFO James Beaumont: Financial Results and Our NAV Strategy - September 2019

  • Sander

    Re-Leased Webinar - 27th May 2020

    Our Executive Property Director Julian Carey joined Andy Pyle (KPMG) and Tom Wallace (Re-Leased) for Re-Leased's webinar to discuss the current and future impact of COVID-19 on commercial real estate in the UK.

  • Numis

    Numis Industrial Property Conference May 2020: Stenprop Presentation

    Our CEO Paul Arenson discussed Stenprop's response to Covid-19, the possible impact on the MLI sector and planning for the future.

  • Completed Array.JPG

    Solen Solar PV Installation - Compass Industrial Estate

    Stenprop installs first solar panels at Compass Industrial Estate

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    Structural imbalance of demand and supply driving rental growth

  • Julian Carey

    Developing a market leading platform on the MLI space

  • Julian Carey 2

    Why MLI?

  • Warehouses 2

    Why do you focus on purpose-built MLI?

  • Paul Arenson 2

    How Stenprop plans to successfully transition to an MLI focus?

  • Multi let industrial buildings

    Where does Stenprop see itself in 5 years time?

  • Paul Arenson

    Why did you decide to focus on the UK MLI space?

  • Warehouses

    How our estates work