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We value our people, the community and the environment in which we operate

We are committed to implementing our strategy in a responsible and ethical manner that creates value not just for the business, but also for its stakeholders and society. We actively engage with our staff, business partners and tenants in order to achieve this.

The three main areas which we focus on are:

  • minimising the impact of the business on the environment;
  • supporting our workforce; and
  • supporting society and the communities in which we operate

Responsible Business

Our purpose is to revolutionise the MLI sector and our vision is to be the leading UK MLI business. We are committed to achieving this in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner, generating long-term value not just for Stenprop but for all its stakeholders – employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and lenders – as well as the wider society.

We believe that a culture defined by values and behaviours aligned to these goals is essential to our success. During the year under review we have again looked at how we can improve our impact on the environment, how our corporate culture promotes our workforce and strategic goals, and how we can support the communities around us.

Sustainability – the changing environment

With over seven billion people residing on our planet, how we co-habit and use resources in a long-term sustainable fashion has been brought into sharp focus over the last 18 months. At Stenprop we recognise we have our part to play. Over the last 12 months we have been actively looking to incorporate sustainability into our business activities, as further described below.

We continue to evolve our thinking in this space and work towards putting in place a more robust sustainability framework. Over the course of the coming financial year we will be developing a new formal sustainability strategy and roadmap for delivery to ensure sustainability is embedded into our day-to-day business activities and aligned to our business goals.

Progress on 2020 targets:

  • The most visible action we took is the installation of solar panels across three of our estates. We also acquired two new estates with solar panels already in place. We continue to look at the viability of installing solar panels on other estates, particularly where we are already sourcing energy for our customers. This alongside a focus on buying green energy will allow us to deliver a potential cleaner solution to our customers.
  • We continue to assess and upgrade our units to enhance their EPC ratings. In particular replacing lighting on our MLI estates when they need replacing with LED lighting. During the year ended 31 March 2020, we focused our efforts on improving the quality of existing data and the implementation of new F&O and CE systems designed to increase our capabilities in terms of collecting, monitoring, and using data. We believe that these systems will better enable us to assess and monitor energy data from our MLI estates. We intend to review our energy targets and KPIs during the current financial year as we develop our new strategy and roadmap for sustainability

Sustainability touches all aspects of our business from the way we operate our buildings through to the decisions and actions of our employees. In 2019 we appointed four customer engagement managers as a direct liaison with our customers, creating a regional presence and enhancing the customer experience. This served to reduce our carbon footprint by placing our employees closer to our estates, thus reducing travel.

We will be looking to incorporate sustainability in our drive to develop operational efficiencies across our business. We have recently adopted DocuSign for our Smart Lease roll out allowing us to reduce paper usage. We are also actively working with a number of our business partners to roll this out across other contracts where possible. The recent countrywide lockdown has enabled us to promote this more quickly across some business areas.

As further explained below, employee well-being is high up on our agenda, with many keen fitness enthusiasts within Stenprop. A large group choose to avoid public transport where possible, either running or cycling to work. In order to encourage this, we started the calendar year with a new challenge to all employees in 2020 to target cycling 10,000 miles across the course of the year. This may be difficult to achieve considering that most of our employees continue to work from home, but we aim at getting as close as possible to our initial target!


We value the contribution made by all our employees to the business and we recognise that their well-being is critical to our success. We wish to support them and seek to operate in a manner that ensures a deep commitment and engagement from all. Developing and promoting our workforce is at the heart of our activities.

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We encourage our employees to make a positive contribution to society and, as a business, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate.

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