About us

Dependable income, sustainable dividends

Stenprop is a property company with a primary listing on the Main Board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and a secondary listing on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.


Financial information on Stenprop’s current portfolio is set out in the financial accounts and presentations to shareholders under Investor Relations. The portfolio delivers significant surplus earnings. It is the intention of the Board to grow these earnings on a sustainable basis and to pay out as much surplus as feasible by way of biannual dividends.

Stenprop’s core investment strategy is to deliver a sustainable and growing income stream of dividends to its shareholders.

This will be achieved by a focus on:

  • Intensive asset management of its existing property portfolio to grow rents and reduce costs.
  • On-going management of the Company’s debt and interest structure to minimise medium term cost of borrowings and amortisation.
  • Careful acquisition of additional earnings enhancing properties financed through a combination of share issues and debt.